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Completing The Surf Coach Course…

Location: Mimizan Plage, France

Mimizan and its surroundings are known for the endless beach breaks caused by winter storms leaving beautiful sandbanks behind. The ideal combination between working on your surf career and gaining surf experience is to hit the water as many times as possible. So of course we will try to surf as much as we can before, during and after the classes. It will be a busy week with first aid class, teaching skills, several exams and surfing on your own, but also with time to chill in the Surf Lodge.

Part 1: SLSGB (Surf Coach Lifesaver Award)

The SLSA course counts 40 hours and is a mandatory part of the surf coach course. The course starts with a fitness test. This means participants should be fit. Besides CPR and first aid you are being taught several rescue techniques at sea with and without rescue board. The exam on the last day is conducted by English SLSA-examiners.

Part 2: ISA Level 1 Surf Coach

The entry requirements for this course are the achieved lifesaver degree (part 1) and at least 2 years of surf experience. The second part of the surf coach course lasts 2 days and includes both theory and practice. It further elaborates on teaching beginners, teaching methods and skills, and safety while teaching on the beach and in the water. During the week there are several tests:

  • Showing minimal required surf skills: bottom turn (frontside and backside) and safely and controlled surfing of a wave
  • Teaching a beginner surf class
  • Presenting a surf related topic (in English)

Part of the course is a 20 hour internship. The Pura Vida Lodge can assist finding a suitable place. After achieving part 1 and 2 you are the proud owner of the surf coach degree of the ISA and get your instructor card. After two years you must follow a update lifesaving courses to keep your certification valid.

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