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Want to become a beach lifeguard or do you need it so you can gain your Surf or SUP instructor qualification? Here at Outer Reef we teach the rigorously examined NARS standard which is internationally recognised. Once qualified this course will allow you to work in many countries all over the world. So if you’re dreaming of a career lifeguarding in warmer climates or here in the UK, this is the best course for you!

The Surf Life Saving Beach Lifeguard Qualification will provide the learner with an introduction to all elements of beach lifeguard theory, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), first aid, pool skills and open water skills. The course is physically demanding and will include swimming to set times and lifting. The Beach Lifeguard comprises a variety of units and all must be successfully passed to attain the qualification.


Duration: 5 days

Cost: £225


  • Beach Environment & Patrolling
  • Working Practices & Communications
  • Level 1 Basic First Aid and Level 2 Intermediate First Aid
  • Basic & Paediatric Life Support
  • Pool Based Practical
  • Foundation Tube & Ocean Board Rescuer

You will be tested on:

  • Timed fitness tests and releases
  • Lifeguard skills knowledge and rescue 
  • Life support
  • First Aid


  • Minimum 16 years old
  • Be able to swim a measured distance of 200 metres in a pool of recommended length 25 metres, minimum 20 metres, within 5 minutes.
  • The candidate must be able to demonstrate, to the satisfaction of the Trainer, that by the end of the course they will be capable of achieving a swim time of 400m in under 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • Be able to run 200m in under 1 min


  • SLSGB Membership fee (worth £35)
  • Top of the range equipment
  • FREE wetsuit hire
  • Unlimited tea, coffee and water refills


The SLSGB Beach lifeguard qualification is valid for 24 months from assessment, then 12-month annual proficiency (as long as validity has not lapsed).


We have courses running in Pembrokeshire, Wales as well as in France, Spain, Portugal and worldwide

Dates for Gupton Farm, Pembrokeshire:

Surf Coach Safety & Rescue - Location & Dates

  • 12th February 2024 - 16th February 2024
  • 20th February 2024 - 24th February 2024
  • 05th March 2024 - 09th March 2024
  • 18th March 2024 - 22nd March 2024
  • 08th April 2024 - 12th April 2024
  • 06th May 2024 - 10th May 2024
  • 17th June 2024 - 21st June 2024

All Courses, dates, and Venues


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us directly on 01646 680070 or via email


Here at Outer Reef, we have been running surf lessons and professional development courses for over 25 years both in our home county of Pembrokeshire and worldwide. 

We still love teaching the next generation of surfers, paddle boarders and beach lifeguards, whether it’s on a windswept beach in Wales, or on the beaches of France or Bali. 

Our fearless leader, Dean, is a true waterman and has represented the GB in competitive surfing. He is a surf ambassador for UK/Europe, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, helping national governing bodies create a clear pathway for the sports development. With 25 years of experience in Surf, Sup and Lifesaving development to all ages and abilities, Dean is also very proud to work together with Disability Sport Wales, local community organisations, junior and secondary schools, National Trust and Pembrokeshire County Council, as well as global governing bodies.

We often employ people, especially locals, who have completed courses with us, so be sure to ask if you are looking for employment and we can let you know if we have any availability.

Yes we are. We have £10 million public liability insurance and all instructors & surf crew are fully qualified & members of the NGB.

There are no hidden costs you will have to keep up-to-date with your membership to the ISA, which is the international governing body.

Our Pembrokeshire courses will be held at our Activity Centre on Gupton Farm, Castlemartin, SA71 5HW.

Accommodation is not included in the cost of the course but we can recommend great value for money accommodation in the nearby area. 

Food is not included, but there are local cafes nearby and a small supermarket about a 15minute drive away. If you do need to heat up your food, we do have a microwave available onsite and don’t worry there is a kettle available for unlimited tea and coffee.

  • Wetsuit and surfboard (if you have them, if not both can be provided free of charge),
  • Towel/dryrobe (there are no changing facilities available at our beaches),
  • Paper and a pen, sunscreen (if required), refillable water bottle, lunch,

Yes! if you are taking part in the ISA Level 1 course, You must be able to show and understand the rules of priority, be able to negotiate the line up and show confidence in turning left and right

This is specific to each of the different courses we offer, and more details can be found on each of our individual course pages. We do require you to be swim fit and a confident and competent swimmer.

This is specific to each of the different courses we offer, and more details can be found on each of our individual course pages.

ISA Level 1 - 20 Hours

ISA Level 2 - 10 Hours

ISA Level 1 FW SUP - 10 Hours

Once you have completed your assisting hours all information will be sent to the relevant governing body who will then process your certification

Yes, all ISA courses require an up to date lifesaving qualification too which can be completed before or after your course. If you are interested in doing your lifesaving course with us please let us know upon booking.



Here at Outer Reef we have a highly trained team who can train you up to become international instructors too. Whether you want to fulfil your dream as a beach lifeguard on Australia’s golden coast or teach thrill seekers how to catch a wave or two, we’ve got a range of different level courses, all accredited by international bodies ILS & ISA the Surf Life Saving Society and international Surf Association, so you can take a step in the right direction towards making your hobby your dream career.

Our Surf Centre and beach lifeguard training school is located on the Welsh coast in Pembrokeshire at the National Trust base at Gupton Farm. We also run Surf Instructor courses & Beach Lifeguard courses in France, Spain, Morocco & Indonesia & due to being one of the only training centres in the UK to have a mobile unit, we can deliver these ISA qualifications and lifeguard training anywhere in the UK and worldwide. You can take advantage of our outdoor instructor programmes and first aid courses so you can be totally prepared for any situation your team might find themselves in. From basic life support training to essential first aid at work and paediatric medic awards, exceed your own expectations & become fully qualified with us!


  • To provide a National award for the Beach Lifeguard Course covering; fitness, practical lifeguarding skills & knowledge, rescue, life support & first aid in Wales and the rest of the UK Beaches 

  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age & be able to swim 400m in under 7 minutes 30 seconds before the date of the examination

  • 24 months from the date of the examination



This level one course is the industry standard for surf Instructors at quality surf schools around the world. This course has the broadest international appeal.

This level two course is for elite contest preparation. All level two Coaches MUST have completed and passed an ISA level one Surf Instructor course prior to approval as a level two Surf Coach.

The ISA’s newest course, this certification is designed for Flat Water SUP Stand Alone in lakes, bays, lagoons and all flat water settings.

This level 1 course combines a dual credential for both Surf and SUP with a broad range of technique applications as well as safety procedures





To provide a National award for the Beach Lifeguard Course covering; fitness, practical lifeguarding skills & knowledge, rescue, life support & first aid in Wales and the rest of the UK


  • Be a minimum of 16 years of age on the date of examination
  • VALIDITY OF SURF lifeguard Courses & Award
  • 24 months from the date of the examination 
  • This Beach Lifeguarding Award establishes a standard that allows candidates to become full SLSGB Nars Beach Lifeguards, which is Internationally Recognised.

The course is held over 40 hours of training plus 1 day examination by SLSGB Examiners. The course includes a fitness test involving a  timed swim of 400m, that must be completed in 7min 30sec. Candidates must be able to achieve this before attending the course.

Course Cost only £195 PER PERSON 

Fitness Test & Releases

Complete a timed swim of 400 metres over a measured course, in a pool not less than 25 metres in length, using a front stroke. A time of 7:30 minutes is accepted as the maximum time permitted for the swim.

Complete a timed run of 200 metres over a measured course, on a beach. A time of 40 seconds is accepted as the maximum time permitted for the run.

Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue

Whilst in a Pool, demonstrate two releases selected by the Examiner.

In Open Water, demonstrate effectively the ability to carry out the following:

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of all signals
  • Run 50 metres with a rescue tube, swim 100 metres (fins optional) to an unconscious,non-breathing patient.
  • Demonstrate deep water EAV during which time the patient shall be deemed to have become conscious. Bring the patient to shore and demonstrate appropriate aftercare. The exercise must be carried out under simulated rescue conditions with an appropriate attempt to perform the rescue ‘as quickly as possible’.
  • Rescue an unconscious, non-breathing, patient 150 metres from the shore using a rescue board. Demonstrate deep water supported EAV and return with the patient to the shore
  • Rescue a conscious patient from the sea (approx. 50m from shore) without equipment demonstrating appropriate patient management and care.
  • Demonstrate the ability to surface dive to a depth of approximately 2m. This may be completed during entry into the water for the tube rescue.
  • Acting as a Lifeguard, as the team leader and as part of a team, initiate the appropriate procedures at an incident and provide aftercare for 1 or 2 patients from a previously unknown simulated emergency situation. At the completion of the test, complete an Incident Report form.
  • Answer 5 questions from the worksheets (Beach Environment section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 4 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • Answer 10 questions from the worksheets (Lifeguard Techniques section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 8 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • Answer 5 questions from the worksheets (Communication section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 4 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.
  • As part of a team, rescue a prone patient with a suspected spinal injury and remove to safety. Demonstrate appropriate action and aftercare

Using a live simulated unconscious patient demonstrate:

  • Scene safety and assessment
  • Turning a patient from prone to supine
  • Checking the airway, checking for signs of breathing and of circulation
  • The action for vomiting and blockages
  • The recovery position and aftercare
  • Obtaining an airway on a suspected spinal injury patient using jaw thrust
  • Using a suitable adult manikin, demonstrate Expired Air Ventilation using supplementary oxygen via an approved method (may be continuous with above)
  • Using a suitable adult manikin, demonstrate Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Demonstrate CPR on a:
    • Child manikin
    • Baby manikin

Acting individually, initiate the appropriate procedures at an incident and provide them aftercare for one or two patients from a previously unknown simulated first aid situation.

Answer 10 questions from the worksheets (First Aid and Resuscitation section) without referring to any notes. A mark of at least 8 is accepted as the minimum score permitted.

  • Complete the syllabus for the examination
  • The examination may be completed in sections providing that ALL sections are completed within three calendar months.
  • Candidates MUST complete Section 1 (Fitness & Releases) before completing Section 2 (Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue).
  • Should the examination be completed over a 3 month period, the 36 month validity will commence from the date on which the first section was completed.
  • When the award is renewed, the candidate may complete the examination one month prior to the expiration date of the old award. In this case, the 36 month period will start on the
  • expiration date of the old award.

(Sections 3 & 4 above constitute the Emergency Aid 2 Award)

We look forward to having you on our course.


"Good Vibes Only"

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