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Outer Reef's Water Safety and Rescue Training Event

At Outer Reef, we're committed to promoting water safety and equipping individuals with the skills needed to help others in the water. We're excited to announce our upcoming event, a "Learning How to Help Others in the Water" training morning.

Event Overview:

Performing a conscious or unconscious surfboard rescue in challenging conditions requires advanced skills and experience in water safety and rescue techniques. Join us for a training morning where we'll provide valuable insights and hands-on experience in these critical areas.


  • Assess the Situation
  • Signal for Help
  • Approach Carefully
  • Secure the Victim
  • Call for Assistance
  • Perform First Aid
  • Reach the Shore Safely

Outer Reef Training Morning's

Water Safety and Rescue Agenda

  • Assess the Situation: We'll start by understanding the importance of assessing the situation to ensure safety. Learn how to evaluate wave conditions, currents, and potential hazards.

  • Signal for Help: Discover the significance of quick responses and how to signal for help effectively. We'll cover how to alert emergency services and notify nearby surfers or beachgoers about a rescue situation.

  • Approach Carefully: Safety is paramount. We'll teach you how to approach an unconscious person in the water, taking into account the waves and currents, and how to maintain a safe distance.

  • Secure the Victim: Gain hands-on experience in securing an unconscious person on your surfboard. Learn proper techniques to keep their head above water and ensure their safety.

  • Call for Assistance: In a team or solo rescue, we'll cover strategies for calling for assistance. Discover the best practices for coordination with other surfers or rescuers nearby.

  • Perform First Aid: Learn vital first aid skills for assessing a victim's condition while paddling back to shore. We'll provide guidance on CPR and other critical first aid procedures.

  • Reach the Shore Safely: Understand how to navigate waves and currents when returning to shore. We'll emphasize adaptability in changing conditions.

This training morning is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively in water rescue situations, especially in challenging conditions.

Join the Training Morning

Ready to be part of our informative and practical training morning? Get in touch with us using the form below to secure your spot. We look forward to helping you develop essential skills for water safety and surf coaching.

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Water Safety and Rescue FAQ's

This event is open to anyone interested in water safety and rescue. While some experience in surfing or water activities is beneficial, it's not mandatory.

Participants should bring swimwear, a wetsuit (can be provided), a surfboard, sunscreen, and drinking water.

Yes, this event caters to individuals with various skill levels. Our experienced instructors will provide guidance tailored to your abilities.

While this event offers valuable insights and practical experience, it does not provide official certification. For certification in water safety and rescue, we recommend enrolling in specific courses.

Join us for this training morning, and together, we'll enhance our understanding of water safety and rescue. Let's make our beaches and waters safer for everyone.