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Double Room (Poolside)

$70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent.

Twin Share (Poolside)

$70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent. 



Double Room (Sunset View)

$80 USD per night. 3 suites available for rent.

Twin Share (Sunset View)

$80 USD per night. 1 suite available for rent.

Surf Spots

It’s never our intention to “blow up a spot”, so I’ll only name the 4 most popular surf breaks in West Sumbawa (although popular is a misnomer because these waves don’t really get crowded). If you’re looking to surf a spot alone, it’s definitely possible. Use Google Earth to find a reef pass, and drive your motorbike along the main coast road, then hike through the jungle to the beach. There are tons of waves waiting to be discovered.

Scar Reef

A barreling, fast left-hand wave that requires a big swell to break. This wave earned it’s name by reeling over a super sharp, live coral reef, in about 4 feet of water. The end section often sucks dry on a low-tide, and only the best surfers end their session without a few cuts (some requiring stitches). Pull-in, hold on, and don’t fall.


There are two waves right in front of the Tropical Beach Resort: Tropical Lefts and Tropical Rights. This is definitely the most mellow wave in the region, and tends to suffer from morning sickness. But when it’s working, it’s a really fun wave. The channel makes the paddle out very easy. There is a Nomad surf camp here, so it can sometimes get crowded.

Super Suck

Like Scar Reef to the north, Super Sucks is a dangerous, heavy left-hand wave that sucks water off the reef. This is one of the best waves in Sumbawa; 10 second barrels are possible. Make sure to bring your step-up, or suffer the consequences!


Near Ratung beach, is the main wave in the region and picks up a lot of swell. You may recognize this fun, hallow right-hander from some of your favorite surf movies.



"Good Vibes Only"