Baha Baha Villas, West Sumbawa Indonesia

Baha Baha Villas, West Sumbawa Indonesia
West Sumbawa surf villas





Double Room (Poolside)                                    Twin Share (Poolside)

$70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent.    $70 USD per night. 3 rooms available for rent.               




Double Room (Sunset View)                              Twin Share (Sunset View)

$80 USD per night. 3 suites available for rent.     $80 USD per night. 1 suite available for rent.




Surf Spots

It’s never our intention to “blow up a spot”, so I’ll only name the 4 most popular surf breaks in West Sumbawa (although popular is a misnomer because these waves don’t really get crowded). If you’re looking to surf a spot alone, it’s definitely possible. Use Google Earth to find a reef pass, and drive your motorbike along the main coast road, then hike through the jungle to the beach. There are tons of waves waiting to be discovered.


near Ratung beach, is the main wave in the region and picks up a lot of swell. You may recognize this fun, hallow right-hander from some of your favorite surf movies.

Scar Reef

A barreling, fast left-hand wave that requires a big swell to break. This wave earned it’s name by reeling over a super sharp, live coral reef, in about 4 feet of water. The end section often sucks dry on a low-tide, and only the best surfers end their session without a few cuts (some requiring stitches). Pull-in, hold on, and don’t fall.

Super Suck

Like Scar Reef to the north, Super Sucks is a dangerous, heavy left-hand wave that sucks water off the reef. This is one of the best waves in Sumbawa; 10 second barrels are possible. Make sure to bring your step-up, or suffer the consequences!


There are two waves right in front of the Tropical Beach Resort: Tropical Lefts and Tropical Rights. This is definitely the most mellow wave in the region, and tends to suffer from morning sickness. But when it’s working, it’s a really fun wave. The channel makes the paddle out very easy. There is a Nomad surf camp here, so it can sometimes get crowded.


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